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Window Room (Scale Model)

Scale model for a space with a large window facing the sky. The room is constructed with the window as one of its walls. This room is lined with reflective material, and its shape is roughly conical with a gentle gradation, its larger end at the window.

The shape of the room creates a kaleidoscopic effect, thus the walls only reflect the sky outside the window, suspending viewers completely in the sky.


Viewers enter the room through a door (open or mirrored) and stand or sit on a platform.    

A west-facing window room provides a sunset experience. The room invites multiple revisits to view the sky at different times or weather conditions.

Details for Construction

The window is tinted to filter the light to the desired level. The angled window allows an unobstructed view of the sky when trees or buildings are nearby. The slope of the ceiling tilts facing the window, thus viewers see only the sky and not their reflections.


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