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Sunrise-Sunset Version(Scale Model for Skylight)

Scale model for a space with a large skylight (or courtyard or roof garden or balcony). The room is constructed around the skylight. It has a reflective floor and walls which slope outwards.

The reflective floor mirrors the sky and extends the sky below.


Walls slope outwards so that one sees only the sky and not one's own reflection. In a small room, viewers sit in the center of the room.


The shape of room is circular to evoke a planetarium (more ideal), or hexagonal/triangular/rectangular (easier to construct).

Photo by Marina Shterenberg

                                Details for Construction

Viewers enter the room through a doorway (open or mirrored).

Example materials for walls are tempered smoked glass (bright room) or mirror tiles (less bright room). Example materials for the floor are shellaced wood/metal (bright room) or polished aluminum (less bright room). High reflectivity is not needed in bright light.


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