Room with no space for a window or for walls 

Proposal for a long-term room installation where the only thing the viewer sees in all directions is the sky. Several ways to adapt this piece for different spaces are shown in the scale models below.

Models: sunrise-sunset, window - About

          Pile an extra layer onto reality to make it collapse 

Installation with mirrored mylar, spot-lights, dimmers, custom electronics. The fading in and out of the lights reflecting off the mylar forms an animation.

Photos - Videos: overview, scale - About
          x → ∞ is 0  

Installation with transparent and mirrored mylar, fan, kinetic spot-light, custom electronics. The movement of a light casts shadows and reflections of sculptures, its speed varying over time. The 'x' in the title refers to the current point, such as the place 'you are here' in a map.


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