What's new: a series of low-resolution animals, made of laser-cut letters that form a poem. Photos of the prototype...

Through the laser-cut letters, one sees one's reflection in the acrylic mirrored sheet.


The wolf poem is from "Humanimal" by Bhanu Kapil, a story of two girls brought up by wolves. The mirrored wolf reflects the way the girls see themselves, as wolf rather than human.

The great white shark piece is titled "Becoming Other" and its poem is of a person sent to spy on the sharks:

I am asked to be a spy among the sharks
so I buy a suit and practice in the mirror
I swing my body from side to side until my movement is streamlined
I learn to breathe in water and live on sardines
Naturally they love me
In time I meet someone and have a couple shark-like kids
When finally I am called home again I start my report
'We have much to learn from the sharks'
but by then my words are no longer in any language they can understand
no matter how hard I try to explain

(adapted from the poem "A Spy" by Jim Krusoe)


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